Sunday, April 10, 2011

How You Can Pass Hair Drug Test

A hair drug test is usually conducted to check the types and extent to which such drugs have been applied on the hair. The hair drug test is accurate in revealing any prescription drugs or an abuse of drugs in someone’s hair. In the process of escaping an hair test most people try to shave their hair and that could lead to an aggravated kind of problems especially if you are seeking an employment and hair test is a must. Most hair testing laboratories tend to use hairs that are growing within the range of 2.5 to 4cm, and the detection of any form of drugs are limited o within 90 days of hair growth.

Passing Hair Drug Test

There are a number of ways you pass drug hair test, perhaps the first and the commonest is the use of several types of shampoos, you body metabolizes some drugs you ingested and some races of these drugs are entrapped in hair strands, shampooing your hair may offer a temporary removal of these trace elements of drugs and help you pass hair drug test, wash your hair by applying massive shampoo some 2-3 hours can reduce the presence of drug chemical elements by as much as 65-85% (this is enough to pass drug hair test).

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Home Saliva Drug Tests

In the following article about home drug tests, mouthwash is put forth as a useful aid for the drug user who must face a saliva drug test. What does that mouthwash contain? Why can the test taker not detect the chemicals in that mouthwash? That special mouthwash differs markedly from the product that is used to fight bad breath. That mouthwash contains special herbs, herbs that can hide the presence of the stronger chemicals in the mouthwash. Were it not for those herbs, an employer could easily detect an effort to cover-up drug use prior to a saliva drug test.

Home Saliva Multi-Drug Test

No employee wants to get caught with drugs in his or her system, following the administration of a drug test, a test conducted at an office or manufacturing facility. Today a drug user can prepare for either a urine drug test or a saliva drug test. The drug user can locate online products that claim to cover-up drug use. Home drug tests were designed to test the effectiveness of such products.

If an employee knows that he or she will need to present a urine sample at the time of a scheduled drug test, then he or she should consider performing one of the home drug tests that measures the level of creatine in the urine. When an employer can detect creatine in an employee’s urine, then that employee has failed to hide any illicit drug use.

Creatine is a protein that is found in urine, but not in saliva. There are no home drug tests that are used to measure the level of creatine in a subject’s saliva. That does not, however, mean that there is no way to cover-up drug use during the administration of a saliva drug test.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Home Drug Screening a Parental Necessity or Overreaction?

Since the beginning of time, good kids have been known to do dumb things. The same can be said of naive and well-meaning parents. Because they don’t know what to say, some parents fail to talk to their children about drugs. Others develop a false sense of security after they do.

It’s much more comfortable for parents to hold the belief that things haven’t changed much since they were young than it is to accept the fact that they have. It’s also much easier for parents to believe that their teenagers always tell them the truth and would never try drugs, but who ever said parenting was supposed to be easy?

iScreen Saliva Multi-Drug Test

Parents ask me when they should talk to their kids, what they should say, and what they can do to follow through. Ben Franklin said, “Wise is the man who fixes his roof before it rains.” I couldn’t agree more. I suggest that parents would be well served to sit down with their children and start talking about a home drug testing program as early as middle school.

To protect privacy, home drug testing kits can be ordered on the Internet and shipped in nondescriptive packaging. The accuracy of the most popular drug test kits is comparable to labs and medical clinics at a fraction of the price. Results usually appear within minutes and are easy to read by the average parent in the convenience of their own home.

If the idea of drug testing your teens sounds unreasonable, consider how much times have changed. If someone told me when I was in high school by the time my son attended middle school, that police officers (now affectionately referred to as school resource officers) and dogs trained to detect drugs would patrol school hallways, I would have never believed it. Metal detectors and school shootings aren’t nightmares: they have become a reality.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Universal Detox Kits

Drug use is a major problem in society today. Many people are addicted to one or more substances. Western medicine is a drug-oriented system and people purchase millions of pills every year. Drug detoxification is thus the need of the hour.

All drugs have some amount of toxicity, including caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, milk products, over-the-counter drugs like aspirin and recreational drugs like cocaine. Most of these drugs have physical and physiological addictive potential showing withdrawal symptoms when consumption is stopped.

Universal Detox Kits

Detoxification is the process by which we rid the body of harmful toxins. Drug detoxification is the first step in the process of recovery from drug addiction. Once you deter, you are closer to a normal life without drugs.
It is vital to get outside medical help to manage withdrawal symptoms. As an addict your body becomes accustomed to drugs, so that it needs drugs to be normal. When you remove these drugs during detox, your body reacts violently, with symptoms like nausea, convulsions, tremors, etc.